Poland has been renowned for amber and amber jewelry for millenniums. Already in Roman times amber has been coveted as jewelry, and for a while its value exceeded that of gold. Polish amber from the Baltic sea is the world’s premium quality amber. We at daPolonia.com carry exclusively Polish Baltic amber . We are featuring a group of award winning museum exhibited amber artist, that have elevated amber jewelry to museum masterpieces. Our amber jewelry is while on the one hand is rooted in the past is innovative, forward looking artworks. Our artists create amber jewelry that will make you the talk of the party whenever you wear it. Most of our offering are one of a kind exclusive wearable works of art.

Our artist offer jewelry steeped in tradition following in the footsteps of Faberge and Lalique and techniques like cloisonné , champlevé, marbleizing and casting, enameling presented in innovative way, combined with materials old and new to create show stoppers . The Jewelry we offer will be passed on from one generation to the other. Instant family heirlooms.


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