Amber jewelry

Baltic amber is unique among gemstones used for jewelry on many counts. Unlike other gemstones which are minerals, amber is natural organic resin formed out of ancient coniferous’ trees sap that has fallen into the Baltic-sea where it has fossilized over 45 million years ago. While the amber deposits are buried in the seabed, pieces have washed up on the shores of the Baltic-sea for millennium and were used since antiquity to make decorative objects as well as amber jewelry, as the digital display of the Gdansk Amber museum shows Amber’s most famous use is the Amber Room in St. Petersburg Russia, originally built for the Prussian prince Frederick William I and given to Tsar Peter the Great of Russia as a present. It vanished during the WWII when the Nazis tried to loot it and been reconstructed again in the Catherin Palace in Pushkin a suburb of St. Petersburg Russia You can virtually visit  it .

Amber jewelry has some very special qualities –held in one’s palms warms to the touch and exudes a pleasant relaxing fragrance. Amber chemical composition especially the succinic acid has powerful healing properties. Wearing amber jewelry in addition to its beauty is believed to be beneficial for one’s health.  Since amber is tree sap that rolled down from the trees to the sea, it entrapped mostly small creatures on its way down, These air bubbles, leaves, insect and even sometimes birds and crawlers are cherished by amber jewelry buyers as well as scientist for the historical record and information it contains. A large body of lore has evolved to explain much of the amber mysteries and nations around the Baltic sea have spun numerous folk tales and legends.

Baltic Amber nuggets

We at have always loved amber jewelry and are featuring a group of award winning museum exhibited amber jewelry artists, that have elevated amber jewelry to art masterpieces. Our amber jewelry while on the one hand rooted in the past is innovative, forward looking artworks.  Some of the artists we feature are also represented in the collection of the Amber Museum in Gdansk Poland. The amber jewelry artists we feature offer jewelry steeped in tradition following in the footsteps of Faberge and Lalique employing techniques like cloisonné, champlevé, marbleizing and casting, enameling presented in innovative way, combined with materials old and new to create show stoppers. amber jewelry is heirloom jewelry that will be passed on from one generation to the other. Instant family heirlooms.

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