Square golden earring with Cognac amber cube

Square golden earring with Cognac amber cube


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Square golden earring framing a central white square with a cognac certified Baltic amber cube rising above the frame. Very elegant, minimalist and modern, will work for any occassion.

5 in stock


1/2 x 1/2″

A sqaure golden earring with cognac amber cube.  Minimalist, very elegant earring of gold plated 925 sterling silver square surrounding a white square with a coganc genuine Baltic amber cube  in the center . Almost like a masterpiece painting the golden square hanging on the silver chain frames the square white background carrying the cognac amber cube  rising in the middle. The earring are made of two sterling silver squares one on top of the other spaced 1/16″ from each other and held together with miniature silver screws rounded on either end. The cognac certified Baltic amber cube sits on the bottom square rising to the top square and and above it, thus creating a rising  shimmering congac square within a  white squre framed in turn with a golden squre. Very geometrical. Simultaneously very understated but striking and effective. This is true wearable art, and can be worn for a  very wide range of functions, from office work to leisure and elegant occassion.

Can be worn with a matching chocker  IG 357

The Baltic region is home to the largest known deposit of amber. Know as Baltic amber and hailed for its exceptional quality. Amber which is actually tree sap that rolled down the trees trunks into the Baltic sea encircling and containing within itself en-route small insects air bubbles and tiny animals. In the depth of the Baltic sea during 44 million years the sap fossilized and became the beautiful multicolored translucent resin – Amber. It is estimated that the ancient tree sap of the coniferous forest on the Baltic shore has created more than 100,000 tons of amber. Amber has been known since ancient times, it is mentioned in the old testament, and was used in trade. There were various myths to explain where this wonderful resin came from. Ovid the Roman tells us that amber is the crystalized tears of the grieving Clymene and her daughters, following the tragic death of Phaethon. Other ancient legends claimed that amber was the solidified rays of the sun captured while descending to earth For a while its value was higher than gold. Amber originally was collected when it washed ashore. Now it is harvested from the depth of the sea.

daPolonia offers exclusively selected artist made Polish amber jewelry. Our offering are made by award winning artists that have taken the gold of the Baltic i.e. amber and have turned it into spectacularly glorious jewelry. No other website offers anything like we do. Our amber shines not because it is amber but because it is show stopping jewelry fit for a queen. Purchasing daPolonia amber jewelry you are joining an exclusive club of connoisseurs and trend setters whose excellent taste and sophistication are universally acclaimed. The daPolonia amber jewelry  is modern, unique, original, breathtaking. Wearing our jewelry you’ll be the talk of the party, stopped in the street and complemented for your good taste and elegant look. Many of our offering are one of a kind, never to be duplicated, true works of art, an better yet wearable art.



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