Cat O Lantern free blown glass tree ornament


Sold out!

A 101/2″ x 2″

Free blown glass ornament shiny black cat,paws and tail up, balancing itself on on one paw on a round glittered phosphoric orangeand red pumpkin. It has a shimmering purple phosphoric belly. it hangs on its left front paw.

Sold out!


A 10 1/2″ x 2″

A free blown cat on a pumpkin. A shiny black cat with paws and tail up is balancing itself on a round pumpkin. The shiny cat has a shimmering phosphoric purple belly, and it is standing with one paw over a phosphoric orange and red pumpkin. It hangs on its left front paw. Because it’s free blown each one is slightly different and yours is a limited edition of 1.


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