New York city’s Times Square Street Sign Christmas ornament


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Glass Christmas  ornament of the street sign of the most famous square in the world, considered the heart of New York. The sign is painted green with white phosphoric letters the federal colors for street signs.

Sold out!


4 1/4  x 1 x 1″   glass Christmas ornament street sign of the square that has been describe as the center of the world. The name Times Square is synonymous with the name New York, and this is the most visited square in the world. The square is also called the Great White Way, the Crossroad of the World, and the Center of the World. The square itself is full of life, teaming with tourist, and those looking to entertain them and profit from them, a sea of humanity from all over the world, surrounded by glitzy digital billboards. This is the place where the ball drops announcing to the half million people gathered there, and millions more all over the word, the New Year. The sign ornament is a replica of the sign hanging over the square, perfect for anyone with feeling or memories of the one and only Times Square.


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