Pope John Paul II tree ornaments Collection- Krakow’s St. Wojciech Church


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Glass Christmas ornament of  the adorableSt. Wojciech Church in Krakow’s Main Square, the oldest church in Krakow made for Pope John Paul II tree at the Vatica, of his loved places in Poland.

Sold out!


4 1/2″  diameter.

The ornament has the image of the St. Wojciech or St. Adalbert the oldest church in Krakow and one of the oldest in Poland. The church is located on Krakow’s Main Square a short distance from Krakow famous Cloth Hall  & the St. Mary Basilica, Krakow main church. The St. Wojciech church ia a tiny church built originally from wood in the 10th century, and then a stone church was built  on it’s foundations at the end of the 11th C.. It predates the main square paving, and its floor is lower than the main square. The current church was built in the early 17th C. The church is very small, and low with a green roof. It is a beloved landmark of Krakow and is one of the places Pope John Paul II loved to come back to every time he returned to Krakow. On the back of the ornament is the Krakow seal dating back to the 15th C.


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