Glorious large glass ornament Pine cone

Glorious large glass ornament Pine cone


Large beautifully carved and generously  glittered  large Ponderosa  glass Christmas ornament pine cone

Light green
Shiny gold
Shiny green


5 x 3″

Glorious hand blown glass Christmas ornaments pine cone very reminiscent of the Ponderosa specie of Pinus. The pine cones are really large beautifully carved and elaborately detailed, it has  outwardly curved spines lavishly glittered for a ne pas plus result.

Pine cones in botanical lingo strobilus, plural strobili is a seed bearing organ of gymnosperm plants  which are plants that do not have flowers. Conifer trees are among the gymnosperm plants and the pine cone is their fruit. The pine cone is made of a central axis around which the scales of the pine cone are arranged and among them are hidden the seeds of the conifer.

Pine trees are widely distributed around the world and pine cone have been used for decorations wherever they grow. They have been made into wreaths , toys, bird feed, and more. Pine cones have also been incorporated into coats of arms.  Pine cones are  highly valued and associated with Christmas and Christmas decoration being the fruits of the pine trees that becomes the Christmas tree lavishly trimmed with ornaments. These large  very realistic, magnificent pine cone glass ornament will adorn and enhance any Christmas decor on the tree or as room decoration each alone or several together. While there are many pine cone ornament none can hold a candle to these.

The daPolonia glass Christmas ornaments are designed and made in Mia’s studio in Krakow Poland. Steeped in centuries old traditions of glass ornaments making, drawing on the love of art and history, the ornament continues an old tradition of uncompromising quality and artistry.

The ornaments are fully made by Mia, and 100% hand made in the old fashion way. Starting with hand blown shapes and balls, hand silvering, coating with the base coat, and hand painting and glittering. The glitter we use is environmentally safe and is the same glitter used in cosmetics.  All the molds are proprietary created by our own mold maker. In the introduction to the ornament section you can see a video of how one of our ornament is made from scratch.

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