Pope John Paul II Christmas ornament collection- Snowstorm in Podhale forest


Sold out!

Glass Christmas ornament made for Pope John Paul II tree at the Vatican of the Podhale forest in a storm, a forest and an area in southern Poland the Pope hike, skied and camped in frequently, and loved dearly.

Sold out!


4 1/2″ diameter.

The word Podhale means under the mountain meadow, is Poland most southern region, home to the famous (in Polish culture) mountain shepards known as Gorals. The region is at the foot of the Tatra mountain range  and the  Carpathian mountains, and is characterized by rich tradition of folklore that have been romanticized in Poland. As an avid skier, mountain hiker, and camper Pope John Paul II spent here many days, alone and with followers, students and parishioners. The mountain were also a refuge from the burden of the Communist authorities. Here in the mountains, both religion and freedom could be preached and practice without the intruding eyes of the hated regime.


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