Krakow Nativity by Competition winner Marzena

Krakow Nativity by Competition winner Marzena


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One of a kind Krakow Nativity by competition winner Marzena with the  golden Sigismund chapel from royal Castle in Krakow adorned with golden flower and sprouting green towers. Signed by the artist.

1 in stock


71/2 H x 5 W x 3.1/2 D”

A small Krakow nativity by second generation  Krakow Szopki  artist and multiple time competition winner Marzena.  Using pastel versions of the traditional Krakow Nativity coloration the artist create a spectacularly glorious elegant creche. The Krakow Nativity has one level and three church steeples.This darling nativity is sitting on a royal blue background, possibly alluding to the Vistula river on whose bank the city is located. This glorious blue base is decorated with gold trimming and there are winding golden cords on the base around the nativity building itself. The ground floor of the nativity in which the Holy Family is located has red walls. IN the front there are two big windows on which side of the flanking pats of the building, while the Holy Family is located in the central part, The walls of the central part are trimmed with beautiful golden flowers, one wonder if the inspiration is from the St. Francis of Assisi Church of Krakow that is covered with the amazing murals of Wyspianski. The dome of the first floor is the dome of the Sigismund chapel Chapel  of the Wavel cathedral on Wavel hill in Krakow .  The traditional three steeples of the nativities, here have in the center the dome of the Wavel chapel once again, but this time in green.  On both sides of the szopka is a big golden  ornate crowned K. The City of Krakow symbol, on red walls.  The back of the Krakow Nativity is signed by the creator with a big M. This is a one of a kind szopka, a great treasure to any one who will get it.  It come packed in wooden crate to make sure it will not break en route.

The Krakow nativities offered by are all made by the same artists that take part in the yearly Krakow nativities competition. They are created using the same material and techniques employed to create the originals that took part in the competition Many of the nativities offered are copies of nativities that were entered into the competition, many of which are part of the collection of the Krakow Museum in  Krakow Poland, which has been administrating the competition since 1946, and which mounts a show of the Krakow nativities after the competition takes place.

These copies of the nativities are sometimes made in more than one side enabling the customer to have a nativity of the right size for their home or office.

These UNESCO designated world heritage nativities are genuine works of art, that would become a family heirloom


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