Szopka with Wavel’s Castle Cathedral Golden Dome

Szopka with Wavel’s Castle Cathedral Golden Dome


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Krakow’s Wavel’s castle cathedral golden domed szopka krakow Nativity with 3 towers and sibned by the artist.

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7 1/4  x 4 x  10 1/4″

A Wavel’s castle golden cathedral szopka Krakow’s  nativity cresche by  multiple time award winning Krakow’s nativities artist Marzena.  The adorable nativity has two levels, with towers going up  to four and five levels.

On the ground level,  is the Holy Family. The ground level is paved in gold and trimmed with silver stripe all around  and green and silver flower trim at either conrner. On either side of the floor rises one of the side towers. On the ground floor each sports a silver grated encircled with gold with shiny gold shutters open to either side. In the middle of the floor in a golden columned  vestibule under the shiny golden roof of the Wavel Cathedral  is the Holy Family each member with an hello around the head. Josef sporting a long dark brown beard and wearing a green and purple robe with golden stripe. The Virgin Mary has a light blue robe and dark blue cape, and Baby Jesus is matching the Virgin Mary attire is wrapped in light blue. On the second level are more grated windows of the side towers, while in the middle is the Wavel Cathedral shiny golden roof above blue base, the golden roof towers with a small second part just like the original supported by the squarish middle  whci is addorned with golden flowers on all sides and silver and golden trim. The third level which is red on the side towers and orange in the middle sports arched windows once again with decorative silver grates.  The fourth level green on the side towers and red on in the middle tower has smaller arched windows with grates reminiscnet of a cross, and swirling gold trim on the middle tower.  The two side towers are toped with pointy green roof with golden trim at the corners and each sporting the Polish national flag, while the central tower is topped again with a replica of the Wavel Cathedral roof and on the top the Polish national symbol the eagle. The window theme of the towers continues on the second and third lvel, while the base level has a royal blue side trimmed with green. On the back of the Krakow’s Nativity is the signature of the artist, a big M in the corner over the royla blue wall.

Only one is avialble.

Krakow’s Nativities originated in Krakow in the 19th century when the construction workers idled by the sever Krakow winter started creating Christmas nativities. However instead of locating the Holy family in the manger, it has been located within famous Krakow landmarks and architecture, and embelished with characters from Polish and Krakow’s lore and legend.

The Krakow’s nativities were inscribed in UNESCO’s world heritage.


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