Krakow’s nativity with three church steeples

Krakow’s nativity with three church steeples


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Small Krakow’s nativity szopka with three steeples on four levles by pereniial competition winner Marzena.

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7   x 4 x  11″

Uniqe szopka – Krakow’s nativity with three steeples and elements from the  historic famous St Peter and St. Paul church. Made by perennia competition winner Marzena D.

On a shiny blue base surrounded by gold trim  allaround and edged with silver line, with golden flowers design at each corner a natvity with three columns is positioned. On the ground floor are two side steeples red with red check design on the side and silvery leaded window from floor to ceiling adorned with golden scroll and green leaves. The center made after the central front of the Ancient St. Peter and Paul church of Krakow between golden columns is  the Holy Family. St. Joseph has a long thick dark brown beard green coat over purple robe holding a golden cane. The Virgin Mary by his side has a royal blue cape over a light blue robe, holding Baby Jesus in her cape.  Around St. Joseph, virgin Mary and Baby Jesus  headsis a golden halo. The St. Peter and St. Paul church was built in the late 16th century. Its a two tier church with dolomite facade graced with Corintian capitals  and dentile molding. It is famous for the sculptures of the 12 apostiles. in front of it.  In the Krakow’s nativity first level, quite a few of these elements are represented.  The second level of the nativity surrounded by silver and gold fence are the continuation of the towers from the first level. All towers sport pointedly arched windows again with the leaded glass with golden scroll adorments on each. The two side towers are red, while the central one is blue. The side towers have windows on the side, while the inner side facing the central tower is trimmed in gold scrolls. All corners are enhenched with gold trim.  On the third level the side steeples become green with arched windows on the front and side, while the central steeple is red with golden scroll trim. on the forth and one can say fifth level, the side steeples sport green  spires marked at the corners by golden lines. The waved bottom adorend with gold and red flower, and the level just below the roof with tiny golden arched windows. Each of the side steeples carries on top the Polish red and white flag. The central steeple has a golden copula that except for its color is remeiniscent of the copula of the St. Peter and St. Paul church, though  other may claim that this is the copula of the Wavel cathedral. On the lwevel justbelow the top isa  row of arched silver windows. On top of the central steeple the Polish national symbol the eagle rises, as is traditional in Krakow’s sopkas Krakow Nativities. In the bak the artist has her initial M.

The szopka coloration adhere to the traditional coloratioln of szopki i.e. blue, green white gold and silver.

Only one is avialble.

Krakow’s Nativities originated in Krakow in the 19th century when the construction workers idled by the sever Krakow winter started creating Christmas nativities. However instead of locating the Holy family in the manger, it has been located within famous Krakow landmarks and architecture, and embelished with characters from Polish and Krakow’s lore and legend.

The Krakow’s nativities were inscribed in UNESCO’s world heritage.

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