Honored Krakow Nativity from the 75th szopkas competitions

Honored Krakow Nativity from the 75th szopkas competitions


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The Wyspianski szopka honorarily mentioned in the 2017 Krakow Nativity competition by 4th generation Nativity artist.

1 in stock


18 1/2 x  12 1/4 x  9 3/4″  lit with moving figures

Honorably mentioned.

A Krakow nativity by 4th generation nativity artists, in the small nativities category of the 75th edition of the competition, won honorary mention.  A classic szopka of a rising star with a  very personal and original look. The nativity is mounted on triple base decorated with  triangle pattern in shades of light blue , and with a greenish grey stage for the nativity actors.  The  year 2017 marks 110 years to the death of Stanislaw Wyspaiski, one of Poland most esteemed artist, a play-write, poet, painter, as well as interior and furniture designer. He painted the world famous mural and stained windows of the St. Francis of Assisi church and the Trinity church better known as the Dominican church both in Krakow within few blocks from each other, as well as some of the often performed theatre plays. The nativity pays homage to him and his  period, and the art of the secession period. The walls of the nativity are influenced by the colors of Wyspiaski’s mural at the St. Francis and the Trinity church. The nativity also honors Wyspiaski’s interior design of the Medical society building where flowers and leaves were used in the decor  and appear on the nativity buildings, at many points in the nativity’s steeples. All the stained windows of the nativity take after Wyspiaski’s work and pay homage to it. Even the traditional Wavel chapel copula that is between the also traditional two  crowned steeple of the St. Mary basilica is covered with peacock feather a take on the feathers in his play “Wedding”.

In addition to the Holy Family which is in front of the lower floor entry , the Krakow’s Nativity is populated with figures from the “Wedding” play ,Krakow couple dancing in traditional costumes, a Jew,  Rachela and the poet. Standing on the side of the nativity, overlooking the scene are Wyspianski himself and the legendary lajkojnik- the half man half horse figure that has saved Krakow from the Tatar’s invasion in the 13th century, that is celebrated in a festival in June. On top of the first floor of the nativity angel with trumpet (possibly after the Hejnal Mariacki- the St. Mary Basilica trumpet player) stand at four corners, with blue dress and golden trumpets.

This description can go on and on as there are so many layers to this Szopka Krakowska, history, lore, architecture. Only one lucky person can have it, and continue the explorations for years to come.

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