Krakow Nativity szopka with The Wavel Chapel copula


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A traditional Krakow nativity known as szopka with the copula of Wavel Castle, the St. Mary Cathedral, and Krakow  old City Hall.

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23 x 15 x 9″

A large beautiful Krakow Nativity, known as szopka. The szopka is a copy of one entered into the competition by the artists. The Krakow nativity has seven church steeples, three of them on the top level, all of three of these crowned, as is traditional in Krakow’s nativity, after the crowned steeple of the St. Mary basilica towering over Krakow’s market square. The Adam Mickiewicz sculpture at the center of Krakow’s market square, under the St. Mary basilica is where the artists, called in Polish szopkarze meaning szopka maker, bring their nativities each year for the nativity competition. This is a tradition that is over 100 years old. The first level of the nativity is a golden courtyard elevated over inclining wall, decorated with flowers all around with colored stones at the center. In the front of the nativity, and the end of the courtyard, two church towers are located on either side, two level each with golden crowned steeples ending in larger red ball and smaller gold ball. The Holy Family is deep under a golden canopy with halo surrounding Mary and Josef head. There are six foil figures of many colors, they are part of the adoration of Baby Jesus. The canopy is supported by golden columns, and is very festive with colored flowers, circles and silver beads all around it. The ground floor is flanked on either side by the towers of Krakow City Hall, which are connected with a golden chain to the church towers in the front. Over the canopy is a blue version of the Wavel Chapel copula, part of the Royal Castle complex in Krakow, and a traditional part of Krakow nativities. From the top of the canopy the church tower rise. In addition to the crowned steeples there are two smaller golden steeples nestled in the center on brick looking base, reminiscent of Krakow’s city walls. . The szopka is two feet tall and will be a great addition to any Christmas decoration for your home.
Because the szopka is hand made, each one is slightly different in color combination, making them one of a kind.

The Krakow nativities offered by are all made by the same artists that take part in the yearly Krakow nativities competition. They are created using the same material and techniques employed to create the originals that took part in the competition Many of the nativities offered are copies of nativities that were entered into the competition, many of which are part of the collection of the Krakow Museum in Krakow Poland, which has been administrating the competition since 1946, and which mounts a show of the Krakow nativities after the competition takes place.
These copies of the nativities are sometimes made in more than one size enabling the customer to have a nativity of the right size for their home or office.
These UNESCO designated world heritage nativities are genuine works of art, that would become a family heirloom


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