One of a kind Krakow Nativity by Jacek Gluch

One of a kind Krakow Nativity by Jacek Gluch


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One of a kind Krakow Nativity  szopka. The last of Gluch series of the brick series after Krakow’s walls. Has 4 levels and 4 towers.

Sold out!


10 x 6 x 4″

Glorious Krakow nativity, one of a kind, by many time winner of the Krakow Nativity competition Gluch. This is the last one of his brick series. The nativity has four levels. It is all adorned by the red bricks inspired by the ancient walls of the city of Krakow. An ascending ramp, protected by a guard with a silver spear and shield leads to  an entrance into a building modeled after Krakow’s old Town Hall. On top of the building, at the top of a two levels spire is a large gold cross. From the building one can go to the second level, where a signature Gluch round opening invite us to go inside. Elaborate grill work decorates the opening and the two flanking doors. On the third level, on a balcony, as customary in Krakow Nativities, is the Holy Family. The fourth level has three spires, the two side ones carry a flag, and the central one, as  is the Krakow Nativity tradition  the crowned spire of the St. Mary Church, and the national symbol, the Eagle. Really spectacular.

The Krakow nativities offered by are all made by the same artists that take part in the yearly Krakow nativities competition. They are created using the same material and techniques employed to create the originals that took part in the competition Many of the nativities offered are copies of nativities that were entered into the competition, many of which are part of the collection of the Krakow Museum in  Krakow Poland, which has been administrating the competition since 1946, and which mounts a show of the Krakow nativities after the competition takes place.

These copies of the nativities are sometimes made in more than one size enabling the customer to have a nativity of the right size for their home or office.

These UNESCO designated world heritage nativities are genuine works of art, that would become a family heirloom


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