4 1/2 x 4 1/2″

A bagel Krakow Nativity, uniting two symbols of the city in one. A really unique and amazing Krakow Nativity, copy  of award winning nativity from the 77th Krakow Nativities competition of 2018 in the small nativities category. This original Krakow Nativity is the quintessential Krakow Nativity hailing two symbols of the city in one. The Krakow bagel or obwarzanek as it’s called in Polish, is uniquely  Krakow and has a long history in the city. It has been made at least since the 14th century and possibly earlier.  For several centuries is was one of the special breads made for Lent, and the baker guild had a monopoly on making it. In the 17th century, the right to make the bagel was awarded via a lottery, and only the bakers who won the lottery  could make it. This changed in the 19th century when any baker who wished to bake it could do it. Today it’s sold mostly from carts in the street. It is offered in three versions, with salt, sesame and poppy seed. The Bagel framing the Krakow Nativity is poppy bagel  as poppy is a  cherished Polish cake and bread filling and additions. The bagel has been  stabilized and preserved and will never crumble. Inside the bagel is a  church in front of which the Holy Family is standing guarded on the left by a sentry, and accompanied on the right by the Wavel dragon  the legendary dragon that lived in a cave by the Vistula river under the royal castle on Wavel hill. On either side of the Holy Family is the side tower flanking the four corners of Krakow’s Cloth Hall. Behind the  The nativity has a three tower church with stained windows, the star of Bethlehem is on the central tower. On the lower level are  three arched chamber with two golden starts over them. The two side tower carry a flag  A white and red – the Polish national flag, and a blue and white flag of the Virgin Mary.

On the bottom of the Krakow Nativity as well as the bottom of the bagel the word Krakow is spelled in Blue.  The bottom and the back are signed  and numbered by the artist,

While not edible, this Krakow Nativity is a real treat.

The Krakow nativities offered by are all made by the same artists that take part in the yearly Krakow nativities competition. They are created using the same material and techniques employed to create the originals that took part in the competition Many of the nativities offered are copies of nativities that were entered into the competition, many of which are part of the collection of the Krakow Museum in  Krakow Poland, which has been administrating the competition since 1946, and which mounts a show of the Krakow nativities after the competition takes place.

These copies of the nativities are sometimes made in more than one side enabling the customer to have a nativity of the right size for their home or office.

These UNESCO designated world heritage nativities are genuine works of art, that would become a family heirloom