Fra Angelico’s Annunciation angel tree ornament


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A glorious glass Christmas ornament after Fra Angelico’s masterpiece the Annunciation Angel, a brilliantly colored and spectacular and beautifully detailed wings of the Angel Gabrielle announcing to the virgin Mary that she has been chosen to bear baby Jesus. In a glorious pink reddish gown with golden stripe embroidered in gold with hand pointing to the heaven  his head encircled with a halo.  Beautiful as only Fra Angelico can create.

2 in stock


9 x 3″

Glass Christmas ornament of Fra Angelico altar painting of the Annunciation angel in the collection of the Detroit Institute of Arts. Painted c. 1450-1455, it depicts the Angel Gabriele announcing to the Virgin Mary that she has been chosen to carry baby Jesus. Fra Angelico was a Dominican Friar posthumously called Fra Angelico in a convent in Fiesole near Florence. The topic of the annunciation was a popular theme of painting of the ear, and Fra Angelico has painted several frescos and altarpieces  of that theme. Fra Angelico work is considered a pioneering renaissance painting. Fra Angelico painting are known for as highly detailed and their  brilliant colors. The Angel Gabrielle is wearing a reddish pink gown with  a gold stripe  with gold embroidery on the chest and back in the collar and the end of the sleeves. He is shown in profile with the left side of his face covered by the elaborate  wings. His right hand is over the left that is pointing skyward . As is common at the time, there is a golden halo around his face and blond hair. His elaborate wings are painted upwards. They are golden with hints of brown and red, trimmed with gold circles.

The daPolonia glass Christmas ornaments are designed and made in Mia’s studio in Krakow Poland. Steeped in centuries old traditions of glass ornaments making, drawing on the love of art and history, the ornament continues an old tradition of uncompromising quality and artistry.

The ornaments are fully made by Mia, and 100% hand made in the old fashion way. Starting with hand blown shapes and balls, hand silvering, coating with the base coat, and hand painting and glittering. The glitter we use is environmentally safe and is the same glitter used in cosmetics.  All the molds are proprietary created by our own mold maker. In the introduction to the ornament section you can see a video of how one of our ornament is made from scratch. You can see  how the ornaments are made in our studio with this link :


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