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Welcome to DaPolonia! DaPolonia means 'from Poland', and we are a website dedicated to bringing a curated selection of the best of Poland's handicrafts. DaPolonia offers traditional Polish wooden boxes, Glass Christmas ornaments, hand carved wooden picture frames, with traditional Polish wood working techniques and stylistic elements, the unique Krakow Nativities, and artist made stunning original amber jewelry. We have scoured Poland, and selected only a few of the best artists to be featured. Our strict criteria are: uncompromising quality and artistry. Though we offer traditional handicrafts, we strive to have a fresh, unique and original voice. We also offer exceptional customer service and delivery. All orders are shipped out within 24 hours, except weekends and holidays. We offer free shipping within the continental USA. And all customer messages and questions are answered within a few hours.

DaPolonia.com has the great honor to be working with the award winning Krakow's artists who create the Krakow Nativities, a unique Krakow tradition, created only in Krakow. Our artists take part in the yearly Krakow Nativity Competition organized for over 70 years by Krakow Historical Museum. Each of our Krakow's Nativities is one of a kind. Our artists never do two of the same. >Many of our tree ornaments are one of a kind made by a few chosen glass artists whose work has been featured in a museum show.

DaPolonia.com caters to the discriminating art lovers and collectors who will be satisfied by nothing but the best of glass Christmas ornaments, wooden boxes, picture frames, amber jewelry and Krakow nativities.

Glass Christmas ornaments

DaPolonia.com glass Christmas ornaments are made by the studio of Mia in Krakow Poland. All work is done in the studio, with strict adherence to the highest quality standards. Following in the foot of the centuries old glass Christmas ornament industry, all of Mia's ornaments are hand blown, painted and glittered. We use environmentally friendly glitter and acrylic paint. We offer a wide range of ornaments, including traditional Polish ornaments passed on through generations, author unknown, traditional tree toppers, or finials, reflectors and other traditional shapes, and of course Santas, snowmen, angels and the Three Kings. Our ornaments comes as round ball, baubles , figural or shaped ornaments, made in molds and free blown, free form ornaments. DaPolonia is the one and only websites offering fully free form ornaments made without any mold or form. We are known for ornaments inspired by art masterpieces like Starry Night, The Girl with a Pearl Earring, Can Can, Degas Ballerinas, Monet's Waterlilies, and many more. Our New York and landmark ornaments are wonderful memento to time spent at many corners of the SA and the world. Some of our ornaments are unique works of art in their own sake, these are the free blown ornaments, of varied figures with limbs and separate part, each slightly different than the other, each one of a kind. Shop our hand made glass christmas ornaments here.

Wooden boxes

Our Polish wooden boxes are made fully by hand, employing tools and techniques dating back millennium. Polish wooden box making originated with the Polish Gurals = mountain shepherds, who practiced wood working while snowed in during the severe Polish winters. The boxes are made of air dried Linden wood culled from forest protected by the very strict environmental standard of the European Community. The wood is dried for at least four years before it will begin it's three month process of transformation from a wooden log, to a beautifully ornate wooden box. The boxes pass through many specialized craftsmen: carpenters, wood branding and brass inlay artists. They are stained with natural stains. The boxes feature mostly designs from the natural world, flowers, hearts, dots, pebbles, snails, leaves and so on. They are brass inlaid into the wood or branded. The boxes were used in the past as part of the bride trousseau, and for utilitarian purposes, sewing boxes, shaving gear boxes replete with a mirror that juts out for a better view. Bread boxes, card playing boxes, receptive boxes, and of course jewelry boxes are other traditional uses for wooden boxes. Shop our hand made wooden boxes here.

Amber jewelry

DaPolonia offers unique genuine Baltic amber jewelry. Our amber jewelry is made by a group of Polish artists that have revolutionized the old craft of amber jewelry making, elevating it from a tired assemblage of nuggets connected by silver strand to exciting, innovating award winning jewelry. Each one of our amber pieces offers a story about the artist that created it. Many of the artists we work with have won prizes in Poland and the European Community, and are featured in collections of museums in Poland and abroad. Unlike old fashioned amber jewelry, that strung together chunks of amber, the larger the better, our amber jewelry stresses artistry and creativity, making the amber nugget shine as spectacular gems, and the jewelry a masterpiece of wearable art. Our amber jewelry is show stopper jewelry that will make you the center of attention. We offer amber necklaces, bracelets and earring, The amber nuggets used to make our jewelry is sometimes diamond cut amber, or amber heated and reshaped as cubes, bricks and tear drop amber, sometimes it is fused amber made of several nuggets combined into one, and of course amber with inclusions. It combines opaque nuggets, with clear translucent ones. Our amber jewelry combines the infinite range of amber colors, sometimes within one piece, or even one element of the jewel. Augmenting the old fashioned way of amber and shiny silver combination they add stainless steel, rope, cord, leather, combine colors and shapes with an emphasis on stunning modern jewelry. We cater to a customer who is looking for a stunning piece of artistry and creativity, and not for a heavy chunk of Baltic sea shore washed amber nuggets. Shop our hand made Baltic amber jewelry here.

Krakow Nativities

Krakow Nativities are a unique kind of nativities, both the way they are made and their subject matter. Originated in the 19th century, by the Krakow bricklayers idled by the Polish winter, looking to supplement their income. Using cardboard and foil paper, the bricklayer created fanciful nativities, whereby the Holy Family is located instead of the traditional manger in fanciful structures, often time multi-storied culled from bits and pieces of Krakow magnificent historical architecture. Unlike traditional nativities which will feature the Holy Family, and also often the Three Kings, the angels, the shepherds, and their flock, the Krakow Nativity is populated with figures popular in Polish legend and lore. The Polish Highlands Shepard Legendary Lajkonik that saved Krakow from invasion in the 13th century, a chimney sweeper for good luck, music players and other entertainers, some wearing regional costume, often times, Krakow people known as Krakowiak and krakowianka, Wavel Royal Castle known and it's famous dragon that spews fire hourly, and most interesting a Jew figure supposed to bring luck, and possibly reflecting Poland's long association and large Jewish community. Some of the traditional Nativities figures make an appearance occasionally, especially angels, but they are overshadowed by the Polish folk figures. The Krakow Nativities are always topped by church steeples, the crowned steeple of the St. Mary basilica, is always there.

In the 1930s a Krakow Nativity competition started that continues to this day, currently run by the Krakow Historical Museum. The Krakow Nativities we feature are all made by participant and winners of the Krakow Nativity competition, most of them with Nativities in the collections of museums all over the world. All of the larger competition Krakow Nativities have won prizes at the Krakow Nativity competition. They take anywhere from 6 – 12 months to make. Many of the Krakow Nativity artists make only a single nativity each year. Shop our award-winning Krokow Nativities (Kraków szopka) here.

Picture Frames

DaPolnia's Polish wooden picture frames are made fully by hand by the same artisans who make our Polish wooden boxes. The photo frames offered by daPolonia are made from Linden wood, environmentally culled by the peasant, under strict regulation of the European Community. The frames are adorned with traditional Polish woodworking designs created by branding and brass inlay. The picture frames have easel back. They come in four standard photo sizes 3 ½ x 5; 4 x 6; 5 x 7; 8 x 10. Our photo frames feature traditional Polish wooden embellishment elements, hearts, flowers, leaves, dots, snails, fish scales, waves. The brass inlay adds elegance to the design. The Polish wooden picture frames will enhance every room. Their style has been defined as rustic, traditional, Western, and Polish, which is it, you be the judge. Shop our hand made wooden picture frames here


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