Flower bud honey Baltic amber necklace


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Necklace is created from attaching two sterling silver snake chain each ending with a flower like silver casing containing a beautiful translucent tear drop shaped honey Baltic amber small nugget.The chains are gathered by a silver band from which a third short chain holding a flower amber dot is suspended.Glorious.

Sold out!

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10″ total length necklace with 1″ extension at clasp.

Necklace is created by joining together two sterling silver snake chains with a silver band, from which a third short chain is suspended. Each chain holds at its end as flower shaped silver casing holding a tear drop honey certified Baltic amber with inclusions. The flowers move as you move. Glorious.

daPolonia offers exclusively selected artist made Polish amber jewelry. Our offering are made by award winning artists that have taken the gold of the Baltic i.e. amber and have turned it into spectacularly glorious jewelry. No other website offers anything like we do. Our amber shines not because it is amber but because it is show stopping jewelry fit for a queen. Purchasing daPolonia amber jewelry you are joining an exclusive club of connoisseurs and trend setters whose excellent taste and sophistication are universally acclaimed. The daPolonia amber jewelry  is modern, unique, original, breathtaking. Wearing our jewelry you’ll be the talk of the party, stopped in the street and complemented for your good taste and elegant look. Many of our offering are one of a kind, never to be duplicated, true works of art, an better yet wearable art.



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