Golden amber leaves necklace by Iwona Grabowska

Golden amber leaves necklace by Iwona Grabowska


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A  glorious artistic necklace-choker of  cherry  genuine Baltic amber leaves  on gold plated silver leaves  strung on silver cord held in place by sil

3 in stock


18″ necklace choker, each leave 1 1/4″ long x 5/8 ” at widest point.

A glorious  necklace/choker of 5 cherry Baltic amber nuggets shaped like leaves on a gold plated  silver leaves strung on two thin silver “cords”.  The wonderful Polish Baltic amber leaves  are positioned on a silver shaped leaf bottom,  and held in place by a second layer of the  gold plated silver leaf in which an opening was carved for the amber leaf to rise slightly over it. The top and bottom leaves are held together by four  tiny decorative screws. Between the  bottom and the top layer there is an 1/16″ space  through which the cherry amber leaf can be seen, adding to the charm of the necklace. The leaves are strung on two thin silver cord, and positioned on the necklace by thin silver tubes. The silver tubes and the leaves are not set in place and can be moved around and rearranged  on the choker.  Really unique, and so elegant in its clean lines and understated  simplicity. will work both for day and evening wear.

Can be matched with earring

daPolonia offers exclusively selected artist made Polish amber jewelry. Our offering are made by award winning artists that have taken the gold of the Baltic i.e. amber and have turned it into spectacularly glorious jewelry. No other website offers anything like we do. Our amber shines not because it is amber but because it is show stopping jewelry fit for a queen. Purchasing daPolonia amber jewelry you are joining an exclusive club of connoisseurs and trend setters whose excellent taste and sophistication are universally acclaimed. The daPolonia amber jewelry  is modern, unique, original, breathtaking. Wearing our jewelry you’ll be the talk of the party, stopped in the street and complemented for your good taste and elegant look. Many of our offering are one of a kind, never to be duplicated, true works of art, an better yet wearable art.


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