Dragon hand carved glass tree ornament


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A tree ornament dragon in glorious colors” puffing’ away with Peter Paul & Mary, all royal blue, jade green and gold and glittered claws.

41 in stock


5  3/4  x  1 1/2″

Glass molded Christmas ornament of a dragon. Puff the magic dragon so says the song by Peter Paul and Mary. And some spectacular dragon it is. All royal blue, jade green and a hint of gold with glittered  long white claws, its red tongue out over its gold glittered belly. Standing up  majestically  ready to bring its magic and sense of adventure to your tree.

The daPolonia glass Christmas ornaments are designed and made in Mia’s studio in Krakow Poland. Steeped in centuries old traditions of glass ornaments making, drawing on the love of art and history, the ornament continues an old tradition of uncompromising quality and artistry.

The ornaments are fully made by Mia, and 100% hand made in the old fashion way. Starting with hand blown shapes and balls, hand silvering, coating with the base coat, and hand painting and glittering. The glitter we use is environmentally safe and is the same glitter used in cosmetics.  All the molds are proprietary created by our own mold maker. In the introduction to the ornament section you can see a video of how one of our ornament is made from scratch.



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