Pope John Pau II tree ornament Collection-St. Mary Basilica, Krakow


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Glass Christmas ornament from Pope John Paul II collection for his residence at the Vatican of the St. Mary Basilica, Krakow which was closely associated with the the Pope as a bishop of Krakow, and is tied to local legends and lore.

Sold out!


4 1/2″ diameter.

St. Mary Basilica,is  Krakow’s archdioceses church. It stands at the corner of the Market Square of Krakow.  It is Poland’s most famous church. The St. Mary church was built originally in 1221. The church is famous for one of it’s steeples that sports a golden crown, signaling it’s the royal church of the kingdom of Poland whose capital was Krakow up to the 1600’s. The Church to the legend of the lajkojnik the half man half horse symbolizing the soldier who spotted the  invading Hans  in the 1300’s andalerted and saved the city. Hourly from top of the St. Mary steeple a bugle call. As Archbishop of Krakow. Pope John Paul II performed many religious services in the church, and after becoming a Pope it was a must stop every time he visited. On the back of the ornament is the Krakow dating back to the 16th C.


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