Small Krakow Nativity with three towers


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Traditional Szopka – Krakow Nativity with five church steeples decorated around the base with colored diamonds.

16 in stock


9  L x 4 1/2 W  x 2 D ”

Hand made Krakow Nativity. On a  elevated golden ground level, with silver trim on the side  the the Holy Family is welcoming four well wishing figures, known as the adoration of the shepards,   who came to greet baby Jesus. On the second level are five church towers. They stand under a beautiful awning with  green flower in the center toped with a shining star. The edges of the owning is trimmed with tiny silver beads. Three church towers rise over the owning each with shining star and  cupped with a round copula the traditional Wavel copula that appear in most szopkas. The two side tower sport a Polish flag each and the central one as is traditional has the St. Mary basilica crown topped with the Polish eagle in silver. Golden beads and colored flower add to the szopka.   The two side ones have a star whose color changes for each nativity with the Polish flag on top , and the middle one with an ornate round silver dome has the Polish eagle on top.
Because these nativities are hand made each one will differ slightly, either in some detail or the color of the foil.

The Krakow nativities offered by are all made by the same artists that take part in the yearly Krakow nativities competition. They are created using the same material and techniques employed to create the originals that took part in the competition Many of the nativities offered are copies of nativities that were entered into the competition, many of which are part of the collection of the Krakow Museum in Krakow Poland, which has been administrating the competition since 1946, and which mounts a show of the Krakow nativities after the competition takes place.
These copies of the nativities are sometimes made in more than one size enabling the customer to have a nativity of the right size for their home or office.
These UNESCO designated world heritage nativities are genuine works of art, that would become a family heirloom



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