Unique Szopka from the 74th Krakow Nativities competition


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Unique, original szopka from the 74th Krakow Nativities competition small nativity category by 4th generation artist, full of great fetures.

1 in stock


16 1/4 x 8 x 7 3/4″  The nativity is lit  and the windows glow with colorful light.

A unique and very original Krakow Nativity by fourth generation Krakow Nativities artist. Created in 2016 and participated in the 74th edition of the Krakow Nativity competition. Small nativity category. This Krakow nativity is unique in so many ways, the landmark featured, two steeples instead of three and both of the St. Mary basilica, the figures, the theme. and more. While adhering to the  szopka’s building style and colors, it offers a fresh interesting narrative within such glorious tradition. It  features so many unique and exciting features, that it will be hard to list all of them  The szopka is asymmetric.  The artist has featured Krakow landmark, that are presented in the nativities less often if at all. Using element from the body of work of one of the most important Krakow architect at the turn of the 20th C.  Theodore Talowski, known as the Polish Guadi. In the Nativity many  of his work are featured, including the historic corner house, know as- under The singing Frog, the building Under the Ass  both on Retoryka st. the house under the spider on Karmelicka St. The Holy Family is on the outside of the building  instead of being inside a chamber, a balcony or higher level of the nativity. On the same level we find the three kings, the Shepard, as well as figures from Krakow’s folk legends. The architect himself makes an appearance in the nativity with the devil lurking  over him, as well as two legendary brothers who were building the towers of the famous St. Mary basilica, competing with each other whose  tower will have it taller and bigger, and when the steeple of the oldest  brother  towered over the younger one, the envious younger brother killed him, and that tower stayed unfinished and lower.  In the higher tower the famous Hajnal player is seen, and several musical angel appear in the nativity., on its walls the Krakow dragon which has climbed over from the Vistula river where it resides.

This creation is so special, and only one lucky person can get it.


The nativity is in Poland and will be shipped upon purchase, with shipping to be advised depending on the country of residence of the buyer.



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