Glass Christmas Ornaments

The glass Christmas ornaments carried by this site are made by Mia in her studio in Krakow, Poland, and are warehoused in the USA. All our glass Christmas tree ornaments are original designs of Mia with the exception of a few classic Polish designs. We offer balls/round glass Christmas ornaments, molded/figural glass Christmas ornaments and free blown or free form custom Christmas ornaments. All designed, crafted and painted with the utmost attention to quality. Our ornaments have been hailed repeatedly as miniature works of art. Since starting her studio Mia has received many honors including an invitation from John Paul II to decorate his tree at the Apostolic Palace at the Vatican in Rome. A two month solo exhibit at the National Museum of Gdansk, and a documentary about Mia and her studio shot by the Krakow Television and aired worldwide on the Polonia Network. During the holiday season Mia’s ornaments have been featured by the local NY TV and have appeared on the Today Show, The Fox Nightly News, and CBS The New York Times, Crain NY and among others.

  • Glass ornament fish. Free blown, fully glittered in purple glitter, with yellow stripes, red pouty lips, and turquoise tail and fins.
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    A fully glittered glass tree ornament of Durer's famous drawing of the Praying Hands. The drawing of the hands is a study for  a triptych, and the hands are said to be those of his brother Albert whose work financed Albrecht's studies.


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    A carved glass Christmas ornament after Claude Monet's  famous painting of his waterlily  in his waterlily pond in his garden in Giverny.
  • Glass Christmas ornament with reddish/pinkish Amaryllis. The leaves and petal sparkle with shimmering glitter. The pink flower literally blooms over the white background, .
  • A patriotic heart shaped fully glittered glass Christmas ornament in the color and design of the USA flag.
  • Two adorable swans tree ornament, sitting wrapped  together, bodies  overlapping, heads and golden beaks each against it's buddy and companion side. In bluish whitish shades, with a touch of glitter.
  • Spectacular glass Christmas ornament angel by Tiffany in golden vestment, and white and blue  glittered wings. The angel is surrounded by white lilies flowers and stems among shimmering blue sky. From a Tiffany stained window  part of a triptych in western Pennsylvania.
  • Round ball tree ornament of an angel from the frescos by Benozzo Gozzoli The Procession of the Magis at the Medici Riccardi palace in Florence. A brilliant angel with vibrant orange wings bright blue gown.
  • Angel head surrounded by a magnificent halo of detailed carved wings swept up to the sky. The wings are very detailed and fully glittered in light blue tinted glitter.
  • Two adorable angels eiyh golden wings, on a fully glittered, white heart shaped glass Christmas ornament flying away in oposit directions.
  • Auntie Mae glass Christmas ornament clad in polka dot kerchief and big apron, rolling pin in hand warming heart and hearth.
  • Transparent Tiffany style tree ornament with  a hand painted and glittered Santa clad in blue with his beard  flying in all direction coming in from the cold.
  • A wonderfully whimsical ornament of the large, growing baobabs that cover the whole planet, and the  Little Prince desperately trying to root them out, fighting a losing battle. The ornament is true to Antoine de Saint  Exupery's drawing in the book.
  • A magnificent free blown glass ornament lilly its petals in shades of purple with yellow glitter center and orange filaments ,
  • Multicolored free-blown glass Christmas ornament of a bird with yellow feather tail. Yellow, with long curved yellow beack and highlights of gold, red and blue,  making its way from paradise straight into your tree.
  • This classic hand blown glass Christmas ornament is a must have for any music lover. This free form shiny black quarter note will lit up on any tree.
  • Free blown glass ornament of a cactus with its yearly blossom. Fully glittered in  two shades of green, with black thorns and colorful flowers.
  • A free blown glass ornament ballet dancer wearing a glittered white tutu trimmed in blue in a classic ballet position called passe.
  • Free blown glass ornament Chameleon all covered in blue and purple glitter with long tail and proud crown.
  • Free blown Blue Elephant glass Christmas ornament. Fully glittered shimmering light blue body and purple ears, raising his trunk and tusks up for good luck.
  • long glass Christmas ornament of Santa, his hat decked with holy, atop swirling lines of shocking pink and white glitter lollipop.
  • Carved round ball Christmas and Hanukkah decoration with blue Jewish star and hollies.
  • Round ball glass Christmas ornament of Sandro Botticelli's Birth of Venus. On white ball the bust of the image is painted in white on white with traces of sepia
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    Handblown round ball of  Sandro Bottichelli  world famous masterpiece the Birth of Venus  showing Venus floating on the scallop shale on her way to shore, her  red hair flying in the wind.
  • A magnificent lizard free blown glass Christmas ornament. Fully glittered in sand color with brown spots with long legs and tail. Can be displayed standing or hanging.
  • Santa glass Christmas ornament with a  fully glittered coat all covered with bulls  eyes trimmed with red glitter carrying a sleigh full of colorful presents.
  • Glass Christmas ornament bee, free form, fully glittered in brown black, orange and yellow  honey bee queen.
  • Free blown Camel glass Christmas ornament  .Fully glittered, sitting down with folded legs, and neck high up.
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    Glass Christmas ornament of Carravagio's painting of an adorable young man carrying a basket of fruits.
  • The cutest fully glittered glass Christmas  - Carlo the Snowman, with an adorable face, holding candy cane in its hands, sure to bring joy to any home.
  •   Free blown glass ornament shiny black cat,paws and tail up, balancing itself on one paw on a round glittered phosphoric orangeand red pumpkin. It has a shimmering purple phosphoric belly. it hangs on its left front paw.  
  • Mouth blown tree ornament with a cat design.The ornament has a shimmering yellow glittered background with bold colored cats.
  • A round ball glass ornament of Paul Cezanne's famous Card Players painting.
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    Round ball glass Christmas ornament of Cezannes Still life. A beautiful rendition of the magic Cezanne brings to everyday items like ornanges, wine bottle, and water pitcher, on the dinner table.
  • Hand-blown dramatic black glass Christmas ornament ball with  CHICAGO hand painted in beautiful red glitter. Windy City skyline on the other side.
  • Glass  Christmas ornament of a bunch of chili pepper strung together on a vine, accentuated with green leaves, and red glitter.
  • A molded tree ornament of Dalmatian puppies coming out of a Christmas stocking.
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    Carved glass Christmas ornament of Claude Monet's Japanese Foot Bridge set over the waterlily pond in his house in Giverny
  • Glass Christmas ornament free  form cobweb with a shiny black spider in the center, spinning it's web in transparent white threads.
  • A clear  handblown glass Christmas ornaments with flower garden, over a wooden fence.  Very spring like, colorful with the many glittered red and yellow flowers all around the wooden fence.
  • Glass Christmas ornament of a silver and gold striped coiled snake with its pink tongue out ready to strike.
  • Glass Christmas ornament with a wooden country lodge surrounded by blooming garden on a clear ball. So traditional, so beautiful.
  • Glass Christmas ornament crocodile in green and blue, baring his teeth with a croky smile wishing you a Merry Christmas
  • Large disk shapped  hand blown glass Christmas ornament with cuckoo clock design.
  • Leonardo da Vinci's The Mona Lisa, perhaps one of the most famous paintings in the world  rendered faithfully as glass Christmas ornament. Smiling her mysterious smile while her eyes follows the spectator everywhere.
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    A Christmas ornament of Da Vinci famous drawing of the Virtuvian Man. The man with two sets of spread legs and arms smbolizing the correlation between human proportion and geometric propositions.

  • Free form glass Christmas ornament daffodil, fully glittered, on a clips.
  • Black glass Christmas ornament of blooming daisies and royal orchids all over. The black background makes the heavily glittered flower pop up  lifelike.
  • A free blown glass ornament daisy fully glittered in shimmering white and yellow glitter on a clips. So realistic.
  • A shiney black round ball with penguins all over in holiday mood. The contrast between the dark background and the black and white penguins make it pop of the tree.
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    Glass Christmas ornament of St. Francis of Assisi  holding a skull in his hand in contemplation. By Francisco de Zurbaran from the collection of the St. Louis Art museum
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    A figural Christmas ornament, made of three molds of Degas beloved sculpture the 14 years old ballerina. Hair pulled back, wearing a short tutu, and standing in the fourth positions.

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    Light turquoise glass Christmas ornament of Degas favorite image - a ballerina. The ballerina here is in a typical dance movement with her back leg hidden behind her tutu, and arms outstretched.
  • Round ball handblown round ornament of Diego Rivera beloved Calla Lilies that appear in so many of his paintings. The beautifully rendered while and yellow flowers are set against a background of green leaves and brown basket.
  • A glorious glass Christmas ornament of one of the largest dinosaur the Tyrannosaurus rex know as Dinosaur Sue from the  Chicago Field Museum faithfully rending the way the dinosaur looked with the long  body and even longer tail, fearsome looking head with red eyes and mouth full of sharp teeth.
  • Free blown glass Christmas ornament bird with turquoise body spotted with colorful dots, yellow feet and head with green polka dots and red and purple striped neck,sporting a gold crown on its head that doubles up as a hanger
  • A tree ornament dragon in glorious colors" puffing' away with Peter Paul & Mary, all royal blue, jade green and gold and glittered claws.
  • Free blown, free form, glass Christmas ornament, fully glittered with purple body and green wings.
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    4 1/2" diameter A spectacular round ball glass Christmas ornament with E. Munch's world famous The Scream.
  • Eiffel tower glass Christmas ornament with presents spilling down to its base and Santa high atop its spires gliding down to Paris to brings his goodies to one and all.
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    Red egg shaped glass ornament with over 200 Swarovski crystals and gold accents. The Rosebud Imperial Egg was given in 1895 by Tzar Nicolas II  to his wife Alexandra Fiodorowa. The egg is red encrusted with diamonds.
  • Spectacular glass Christmas ornament burgundy egg with a trellis of diamonds. It is inspired by Faberge twelve monogram Easter eggs. The egg has over 250 Swarvoski crystals.
  • Glass ornament egg after Faberge's spectacular Gatchin Palace egg with over 250 pearls. The egg was created for Czar Nicholas II of Russia who presented it to his mother the Dowager Empress Maria Feodorovna on Easter 1901
  • An egg shaped glass ornament of Faberge's Monogram Egg blue with the Tzar and his wife initials, and golden engravings of their chipers. There are  148 large and 232 small Swarovski crystals.
  • An egg shaped glass ornament of Faberge's Pine Cone egg made for Alexander Lelch in 1900. Blue with 1000 Swarovski crystals.
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    A round Christmas ornament with deeply carved relief of Eschers famous mathematically derived fish within a fish, painted in black and white in honor of Escher's black and white drawings of the fish swimming iwithin each other

  • A carved glass Christmas ornament of M.C. Escher mathematically inspired drawing of fish swimming in each other shadow that he called Tessellation.
  • Free blown glass Christmas ornament fully glittered in phosphoric pink with yellow and purple highlight, yellow glitter head with upwrds curved black beak and pink feathers tail.
  • A glorious glass Christmas ornament after Fra Angelico's masterpiece the Annunciation Angel, a brilliantly colored and spectacular and beautifully detailed wings of the Angel Gabrielle announcing to the virgin Mary that she has been chosen to bear baby Jesus. In a glorious pink reddish gown with golden stripe embroidered in gold with hand pointing to the heaven  his head encircled with a halo.  Beautiful as only Fra Angelico can create.
  • Patriotic glass Christmas ornament with USA glittered map over the flag on the front and God Bless America in the back
  • Charming free blown glass Christmas ornament. Fully glittered red and black frog, with green legs and mouth looking to jump out to grace your tree. Can be displayed hanging or standing
  • A very traditional Santa  in red hat trimmed with golden star and white dots, with a beautifully wrapped gift tied to the back of his head.
  • Free blown glass tree decoration globe fully glittered on a dark brown pedestal.
  • Large beautifully carved and generously  glittered  large Ponderosa  glass Christmas ornament pine cone
  • Blue and white fully glitter lollipop glass ornament a thin disc on a long round holder .
  • Glass tree ornament owl. Free blown, free form adorable owl. Fully glittered in shimmering brown and beige glitter. Beige chest specked in brown, and brown head and feet.
  • Round glass Christmas ornament of the United State of America map made out of the American flag. Over the map in gold glitter letters a big God Bless American is written.
  • A golden Victorian Santa head Christmas decoration on top a free blown spring like pol looking like a Jack in the box.
  • Glass Christmas ornaments treetop with two balls of gradually smaller size  in sunny golden colors of gold, orange and green, and a swirling undulating spire.
  • Hand blown round ball with maple leaves drawn all over with gold glitter an gold paint.
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    A glittering and glitter full ball of grapes bunches like only Tiffany can dream up. The ornament is inspired by a recurring motif of Tiffany's windows and lamp the wisteria grapes

  • A beautiful free form glass Christmas ornament walrus. Fully glittered in two tone gray with 2" long white tusks lazily languishing on the shores of your tree.
  • Beautiful free blown big disc ornament fully glittered in green and white glitter with long handle. So natural almost edible.
  • Free form, free blown, fish. It has an elongated body, with long fin, and yellow tail. It is fully glittered in pink glitter, it has a bright red round mouth, and is covered all over with teal heart shaped dots.
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     Green molded glass Christmas ornament of The one and only Statue of Liberty - the symbol of freedom to millions of visitors and immigrants. The full name of the sculpture is: Liberty enlightening the World.

  • A clear hand-blown glass ball is decorated with green maple leaves. The leaves edges and stem ,also known as petiole are delineated in gold glitter, the leaves midrib and viensare marked in gold. Very elegant, as only nature can be.
  • Free blown grey Elephant glass Christmas ornament. Fully glittered  in shimmering light grey body and dark grey glitter ears, raising his trunk and tusks up for good luck.
  • Sky blue round ball  ornament. In the front are two American flags in shimmering red, white and blue glitter  In the back of the ornament God Bless America is written in glitter. The ornament is trimmed with Red and blue ribbons on top.
  • Glass Christmas ornament of a sinister witch holding her broom ready to take off. Clad in magnificent purple a black cat on her shoulder, and cats climbing up her back. A must have for any Halloween lover.
  • A darling original angel glass Christmas ornament. An angel head surrounded by gloriously up swept glittered wings.
  • Figural glass Christmas ornament of a beautiful angel with very detailed wings fully glittered in white/green shimmering glitter raised up to the heaven.
  • An angel head tree ornament surrounded by fully glittered wings in shimmering pinkish white glitter raised to the sky.
  • An adorable glass Christmas ornament turtle, elaborately carved, with detailed brown  shell on top and below generously  glittered shell greenish face legs and tail.
  • Heart shaped ornament. Fully glittered in deep red glitter, with the Hippocratic symbol in white, the symbol of health and life.
  • Fully glittered in shimmering white with red berry and green leaves a snow covered coniferous with three descending tree tops and two round balls for a trunk. An adorable masterpiece of free blown art
  • Glass tree ornament fully glittered Santa Claus figure dressed in a silver white robe painted in holly pattern trimmed with sky blue glitter fur. Holding a golden cane, his sack is bulging with gift hurrying to deliver the gifts.
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