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The Krakow Nativity is a unique form of nativity. It is on UNESCO list of intangible world heritage. Called szopka Krakowska in Polish it has originated in the first half of the 19th century in Krakow by the bricklayers and construction workers idled by the severe Polish winters. They created fanciful nativities from cardboard, foil paper and beads. Krakow nativities, while showing the eternal story of Christ’s birth, instead of locating the Holy Family in the manger it places it within miniaturized elements of Krakow’s architecture and landmarks, and populates it with Krakow’s unique legends and folklore.

The bricklayers traditionally brought their nativities to Krakow’s main square to share with the city people and hopefully to sell. Bringing the Krakow Nativity to the main square became a tradition and they are always brought and presented by the Adam Mickiewicz monument there on the first Thursday in December. In 1937 a Krakow Nativity competition was started, which has continued to this day with a short interruption during WWII. The nativities are judged, the most beautiful Krakow Nativities are awarded prizes and exhibited for 2-3 months at the Krakow’s Museum. The Krakow Nativities offered here are either the winning entries from the Yearly competition or copies of these same nativities made by the artists.

  • The Wyspianski szopka honorarily mentioned in the 2017 Krakow Nativity competition by 4th generation Nativity artist.
  • Krakow Nativity, szopka with Wavel Castle, with five church steeples including the crowned steeple of the t. Mary Cathedral of Krakow.
  • One of a kind Krakow Nativity by competition winner Marzena with the  golden Sigismund chapel from royal Castle in Krakow adorned with golden flower and sprouting green towers. Signed by the artist.
  • A traditional Krakow nativity known as szopka with the copula of Wavel Castle, the St. Mary Cathedral, and Krakow  old City Hall.
  • Handmade Krakow Nativity. Two levels. On the bottom has four figures in long gowns adoring the newborn King, who is with the Holy family in an alcove on the first level. The second level has three spires, the middle St. Mary's church crowned steeple.
  • Miniature szopka copy of a 1st place winning entery in the Krakow Nativity competition in the miniature category. The nativity has thre levels, with guarding knights and musicians, the Holy family is on the second level.
  • A spectacular Krakow nativity with 7  multi level church towers each combining elements of Krakow's landmarks. Heavily embellished with pearls, colored beads and crystals with a double crown, Krakow's and Polish's flags.
  • Miniature szopka-krakow Nativity  with arched  entryway, stars and Swarovski crystals
  • Small Krakow's nativity szopka with three steeples on four levles by pereniial competition winner Marzena.
  • Krarkow Nativity creche with three levels, very detailed embellished with pearls and swarovski crystals.
  • Large fully lighted Krakow nativity with the legendary Lajkonik and the St. Mary 's basilicas's trumpet.
  • Lighted one of a kind Krakow nativity with the Three kings bearing gifts to Baby Jesus.
  • Traditional Szopka - Krakow Nativity with five church steeples decorated around the base with colored diamonds.
  • Krakow's Wavel's castle cathedral golden domed szopka krakow Nativity with 3 towers and sibned by the artist.
  • Krakow Nativity, called szopka in Polish with three levels,  and  Wawel - the Royal Castle Chapel dome and six figures.
  • Krakow Nativity, called szopka in Polish with three levels,  and  Wawel - the Royal Castle Chapel dome and six figures
  • Unique, original szopka from the 74th Krakow Nativities competition small nativity category by 4th generation artist, full of great fetures.
  • Szopka from the 76th edition of the Krakow Nativity competition. Combining modern and old traditions endlessly fascinating.
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